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More Horoscopes for Aries

You should really be feeling a change-in-energy right about now. Now listen folks, this Capricorn energy is incredibly disciplined, structured and responsible. This Capricorn energy is hardworking, prudent is a cautiously-wise sort of way and it is steady as a dang rock. Think about the Capricorn people you know.

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They are fairly responsible and serious individuals. Certainly some of you may know a Capricorn here or there in your Life that isn't, but I honestly can't think of any myself.

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  • Now since this is New Moon Capricorn-Eve and this particular New Moon is so freakin' useful then you need to get a full handle on the energy. Notice how I 'used' the word 'useful'. The Capricorn motto is, "I use therefore I am. The Capricorn motto is. Now think about the 10th house in the 2nd paragraph for all Aries' on the planet and ask yourself how can you put these useful words use, useful, utilize, utilitarian, using, usable and user to Good use.

    Aries daily horoscope – January 10 12222

    Better yet, look at your personal Natal Chart to see which house is ruled by Capricorn so you can apply this new awareness to that house. You probably have a personal chart where Capricorn straddles two houses.

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    • Because it's highly unlikely that your 1st house cusp is 00 degrees and a particular sign probably hits somewhere between 00 degrees 01 minutes and 29 degrees 59 minutes. If I wrote your Expansive Natal Chart then all you have to do is look at that 2nd chart wheel that has notches around the circle like a ruler. You will see on that chart wheel how the sign straddles two houses and you can even count the little notches for each sign because there are 30 notches representing 30 degrees.

      There are 12 Sun Signs and 30 degrees for each Sun Sign.

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      So listen, make certain you apply this strict disciplined energy to the house that I have in this 2nd paragraph above and moreso in the house that is ruled by Capricorn in your chart. Capricorn is strict and disciplined like a father delivering discipline and structure to a child.

      When you apply this kind of 'steady as a rock' approach, then it will set you up to anything else associated with it in a positive manner. Example -- If your personal natal chart 6th house of health, fitness, hygiene, work ethic and daily routine is ruled by Capricorn, then get your daily groovey on. And since the 6th house rules work ethic, then make certain you are on time and ready to rumble at work. If you have employees, then get the slackers on track with the new system.

      This is a wonderful New Moon right at the start of the New Year and if you choose not to get your 'groovey on' in the house indicated in the 2nd paragraph above AND in the house indicated in your natal chart then it's just outright laziness.

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      Make USE of yourself. Become a utilitarian. Most of you know that I have a natal Capricorn Moon and I am pretty tough, serious, self-disciplined and I'm an obvious workaholic. Further, I am the biggest utilitarian I know. If I don't use it, then I give it away, sell it or toss it. If it isn't useful or functional, then I don't want it.

      Don't waste my time. By the way, Capricorn rules time.